Remembering the rnm Restaurant
Permanently Closed


For a number of years this the the website for the San Francisco restaurant,RNM.
Content is from the site's archived pages as well as from other outside sources.

We have missed you.

As of 2010 the RNM Restaurant has been permanently closed.


RNM Restaurant Hits The Market For $350 K

by Carolyn Alburger   Aug 13, 2010 |
At first RNM faked us out with talk of a temporary three month "vacation" shutter in June; then there were rumors that chef Justine Miner was ready to move on, which Signore Lucchesi confirmed in mid-July. And today Haighteration reports the 1,850 square foot space is officially on the market for $350,000, including oven, refrigerators, coffee grinder and flat screen TV. The listing also includes RMN's projected 2010 sales of $780,000 in the first five months.


Justine Miner eliminates any lingering possibility of RNM comeback

By Paolo Lucchesi on July 14, 2010|

Justine Miner, 2002. Photo: Katy Raddatz/The Chronicle

The other folks at RNM pretty much said as much back when the Lower Haight restaurant originally closed last month, and now chef-owner Justine Miner — back in the country — pretty much eliminates. She tells Scoop that RNM won’t have a comeback, affirming the rumors floating around the neighborhood. Says Miner:

I want to move on and do something different. It’s been eight years … [In the future] I might open another restaurant, or I might just travel.

So that’s that.

As for the RNM space, Miner says it will be on the market soon.

· RNM closed for renovations … indefinitely. [Inside Scoop]
· RNM really pretty much closed [Grub Street]



Chef-owner Justine Miner named her Lower Haight dinner house after her father, Robert N. Miner, co-founder of Oracle.

RNM is a hip, yet reasonably priced neighborhood joint:
Started in 2002 by 29-year-old chef and owner Justine Miner, rnm is a swank yet cozy tribute to 'small plates' of American food with slight French and Italian twists. Miner, who named the restaurant after her late father, studied the culinary arts at the Culinary Academy, then honed her craft in a variety of roles at Postrio, Globe, Cafe Kati and Dine.
She chose the Lower Haight location because of its 'neighborhoody' feel, and because it's an area where she likes to spend time. Since she opened rnm's doors, the restaurant has been written up in variety of major publications and has been called everything from 'hip' and 'swank' to 'delicious.'



"Aside from being an amazing foodie joint, RNM was a gathering spot for our geeky/techie brainstorm group. We discussed all kinds of new products ideas ranging from code projects like Kubernetes, to actual consumer products for the vape market. One of our coolest collaborations was working alongside the seo geniuses at to develop the platform for their website and back office infrastructure. One of their main goals was to help the advocacy group Regulate Google Now! gain traction with citizens and Congress to pass laws requiring Google to address the harmful consequences their search results were causing innocents by exposing personal information in their search results. They want Google to be held responsible for providing an avenue for the removal of personal information. The EU already has such laws requiring Google to remove any personal information upon request. The US has no such laws and if your medical records, legal judgements, etc. are revealed in the search results for your name, your relationships and livelihood could be hugely impacted. The RNM is closed, but the history lives on." JC Nelson & Uncle BiteUBack



rnm is a hip, yet reasonably priced neighborhood joint:
--The Chronicle's 2003 Rising Stars

Started in 2002 by 29-year-old chef and owner Justine Miner, rnm is a swank yet cozy tribute to "small plates" of American food with slight French and Italian twists. Miner, who named the restaurant after her late father, studied the culinary arts at the Culinary Academy, then honed her craft in a variety of roles at Postrio, Globe, Cafe Kati and Dine.

She chose the Lower Haight location because of its "neighborhoody" feel, and because it's an area where she likes to spend time. Since she opened rnm's doors, the restaurant has been written up in variety of major publications and has been called everything from "hip" and "swank" to "delicious." The San Francisco Chronicle named Justine Miner as one of 2003's "Rising Stars," saying "Miner has a talent for combining flavors and textures to bring out the best in her ingredients."


5:30pm to 10:00pm
Tuesday - Thursday

5:30pm to 11:00pm
Friday & Saturday

Sunday - Monday

For Reservations:
Call 415.551.7900
Valet parking is available Thursday - Saturday

rnm is available for private parties
call Robert Hopkins at 415.551.7900
to inquire

598 haight street
san francisco, ca 94117
t: 415.551.7900
f: 415.551.7901

we are located in the Lower Haight
at the intersection of Steiner and Haight Streets


rnm has been described as "delightful," "super cool" and "stylish." check it out:

RNM was featured on Check Please! Bay Area, Season 2, Episode #217

"Her [Miner's] intuitive riffs on classics and on seasonal dishes have drawn raves since RNM opened..."
--The San Francisco Chronicle's 2003 Rising Stars
"Miner has a backbone of steel, and the delicious dishes coming out of her kitchen show plenty of discipline and experience."
--The San Francisco Examiner

"In less than a year, Miner and her team of four have settled right in, gaining notice from critics and crowds alike with richly flavored creations bearing a strong Italian influence with a pinch of French thrown in."
--SF Station

"...RNM is a paean to sleek urban style."
-- Conde Nast Traveler, Hot List

"...a perfect combination of outstanding food, high style, friendly service and reasonable value."
--Citysearch San Francisco



small plates

* white corn chowder with shaved fresh porcini mushrooms
and truffle oil, 9

* little gem lettuce salad with yellow doll watermelon, toasted pistachios, mint and white balsamic vinaigrette, 9

* grilled hearts of romaine with fuji apples, saint agur blue cheese, toasted hazelnuts and champagne vinaigrette, 9

crispy soft shell crab on grilled asparagus with lemon-tarragon aioli, sausalito cress and shaved carrots and radishes, 14

lobster and mascarpone ravioli with meyer lemon beurre blanc,
snap peas and pea sprouts, 14

parisian style tuna tartare with waffle chips, microgreens
and a quail egg, 12

smoked bbq pulled pork on a corn cake with avocado, crème fraîche and micro cilantro, 12

charcuterie plate:  pâté, duck rillettes, smoked prosciutto, coppa salami, house made andouille, marinated olives, dijon and upland cress, 11

selection of local and imported cheeses with
grilled walnut and olive bread, 11


* duck confit pizza with midnight moon cheese, fresh cherries and
frisee in a walnut vinaigrette, 14

* wild mushroom and caramelized onion pizza with
fontina cheese and truffle oil, 14

larger plates

sautéed bison ribeye with a summer squash and potato gratin, baked heirloom tomato, salsa verde and crispy onions, 26

pancetta wrapped pork tenderloin on tallegio enriched polenta with sautéed lacinato kale, and grilled apricot gastrique, 19

dungeness crab, rock shrimp and bay scallop risotto with baby summer vegetables and basil, 22

grilled australian rack of lamb with parmesan and chive scented farro, goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms, roasted red pepper and arugula salad and nicoise olive tapenade, 24

pan roasted local halibut on ricotta gnocchi with asparagus and morel mushroom ragout, meyer lemon vinaigrette and mâche, 23

* mini rnm burgers on foccacia with vermont white cheddar, caramelized onions, traditional condiments and fries, 14

- add house made bacon, 2


mixed greens / oven baked creamed spinach / fries/ fiscalini cheddar mac&cheese, 5

marinated olives, 2

* $28.00 Prix Fixe Menu, Tuesday - Saturday 5:30PM-7:00PM
Includes Choice of Dessert (Cheese Plate not Included)
No Substitutions, Orders must be into kitchen by 7:00 PM.   No Exceptions, please.

18% gratuity added to parties of 6 or more. Corkage fee: $15. Two bottle maximum.
Visa and MasterCard accepted.
We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.


"We wanted our reception to represent the "cosmopolitan" lifestyle of the city. RNM was exactly what we were looking for. The ambiance was perfect; romantic color-changing lights at the bar, a movie playing on the Hi-Def TV's, and swanky furniture in the upstairs mezzanine. Our friends and family still talk about the delicious food, gracious staff and excellent bar. We would highly recommend RNM for any memorable event."
--Daniel and Amelia Dawson




RNM Restaurant
Restaurant Review /
The inspirational Cal-Med small plates menu allows anything from nibbles with wine to a multi-course feast.

 Lower Haight has a new style of restaurant in its midst: dark, downtown, delicious. The moody room, with its Cabernet-colored walls, chain mail curtains and futuristic chandelier, seems to be a magnet for the local celebrities and young-ish big spenders. But you need not have a fat wallet to enjoy the food. The small plates menu allows anything from nibbles with wine to a multi-course feast. Similarly, the dining room allows a few different ambiences. A tightly packed dining room can seat larger parties (that would be more than two here). Upstairs, a cozy mezzanine has a few tables as well as a couch and a big TV screening old movies.

Two counters also serve food, the eight-seater bar and the steel counter that overlooks the open kitchen. Chef Justine Miner (Café Kati, Dine, Globe) creates a list of showstoppers from the pizzas with alluring California-style toppings like wild mushroom and Fontina cheese or pancetta with radicchio and thyme. A charcuterie plate comes loaded with chicken liver pâté, pork rillettes, salami and pan de mie or grilled bread. Diver scallops are paired with parsnip purée and salads are sparklingly fresh. The interesting wine list has both affordable favorites and tempting splurges.



Inga W.
San Francisco, CA

Great food is like great sex, once you have it you keep coming back for more!!!

We sat at the bar because the only available table was by the door, and on a cold San Francisco night that can be devastating.  The host was quite apologetic about this but we loved our seats away from the noise, interruptions and with a view to the kitchen.

Our waitress arrived to take our order but we were still deep in conversation and asked her for a few more minutes which ended up being ten, but she was genuinely sorry about the wait. 

We ordered the anchovy bruschetta to start off.  The perfect marriage of flavor all in one bite, a bit messy but absolutely amazing.  It was the perfect balance of all the flavors a palette could ask for.  The first bite really made me appreciate the art of food and flavor.

For our entrees we ordered the flounder and chicken.  I never order chicken because I think it's really boring but today I took a gamble and it paid off.  The superbly flavored and moist chicken was just right.  It was surrounded by cherry tomatoes, green beans, olives, some other greens and even some croutons.  The flavor was amazing, each bite of the chicken stuffed with goat cheese was heaven and yet never heavy or overwhelming.  I pretty much finished the entire dish. 

My fiance had the flounder which was super fresh, light and just melted in your mouth.  I had a bite and then by the time I was thinking of another it was too late. 

The food tasted amazing, looked appealing and elegant without being pretentious.  We have all been to places where the presentation out-shined the actual meal, this was not the case, it was like the sexy pair of jeans, that's comfortable yet fits like a glove and makes you feel sexy and confident.

To finish off my meal, I asked for an improvised chocolate based martini and the bartender delivered the climax to great meal. 

I think there is nothing left to say except we will definitely be back!!!


Carolen M. 
Milpitas, CA

After searching through every San Francisco restaurant and menu, we finally decided on RNM.

Definitely get reservations and make sure you get into the city a little early.

~ Parking ~
Very difficult for 7pm.  NEARLY impossible to find something nearby.  We ended up circling for about 20 min and ended up on Market Street.  If you trust it, there's valet service.

~ Interior ~
There are two levels to this restaurant.  The bottom level has a bar with a tv playing a movie (on entrance they were playing Star Wars V), an open kitchen.  I wasn't able to take a gander at the second level.  The place is dimly lit, but definitely had a romantic/modern like ambiance.  Tables are very close together so you'll be cozy with the folks near you.

~ Food ~
There are small plates and large plates as well as pizzas.  We decided to go with two large plates and fill up on dessert.

*** tangerine glazed duck breast on proscuitto and parmesan farro with wilted rainbow chard and crispy leeks  $22 ***
The duck was well made.  It was juicy and grilled to perfection.  Farro is very similar to barley in texture.  The chards were a pleasant surprise.  They seemed to be cooked in white wine.  Overall a great dish playing on different textures and flavors.  Highly recommend it.

*** seared dayboat scallops on meyer lemon and mascarpone risotto with a salad of shaved sunchokes, fennel satsuma mandarins and mache $23 ***
The scallops were HUGE.  Seared and melt in your mouth.  The sunchokes were interesting.  They were like daikon.  Perhaps the scallops were slightly take your chance.

~ Dessert ~
*** Molten chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream & espresso creme anglaise $7 ***
This takes 15 minutes to make, so just make sure you're ready for a little wait.  The cake was warm with hazelnut chocolate inside.  The cake by itself seemed a bit off.  Not sure what it was, perhaps it's a special chocolate they use, but it wasn't too sweet which I appreciated.  This dessert is mad to be eaten with all parts of the dish in one bite (ice cream, espresso creme anglaise, and cake).  It's magical when all the flavors come together.

*** Bread pudding with dried apricots, toasted pecans & brandy sauce $8 ***
The lady at the table next to us was raving over the bread pudding so we had to get it and I'm so glad we did.  It was delicious.  The brandy a little overpowering at times.  Custardy, bready, crunchy, sweet, creamy...*heaven*

Though my company was the main attraction, the food being so great as it was made the experience even better.  Kudos to RNM.  I will definitely try to eat here again.


Johnny T. 
Nashville, TN

If you ever need to find a good restaurant in San Francisco, get the ever-fabulous Jess T to find it for you. She introduced me to the gem known as RNM. In.credible. Wow! From the minute we rolled up to the restaurant (after sharing way too many personal stories to/in front of our cabbie; sorry, cabbie!), I knew I would like this place. I liked the neighborhood, I liked the layout, I liked that it was casually fancy. It reminded me a great deal of one of my favorite Chicago restaurants, MK.

Before I get to the food, I want to bring some attention to the cocktails. Not content to just offer the same ol' thing, the mixologist(s?) at RNM can do the d@mn thing. I had an updated Sidecar as well as something else cucumbery and fizzy. I'm not a huge cocktail enthusiast, nor do I particularly care for cucumber (didn't realize it was in the drink). I sucked down both in a matter of seconds. I wanted to savor the flavor and complexity but they were so too good not to guzzle. Shame?

Now for the food. Everything I tasted was fantastic. If you arrive before 7 (a fact that I bellowed to the waitress at 6:56 pm), you're eligible for a $28 prix fixe meal of a small plate, large plate and dessert. Convinced I had beaten the master at his own game, I chose my three...only to discover that the deal only applies to the bulleted items. You win again, food-universe-enemy-guy. Slightly chagrined, I proceeded to eat everything in sight. Highlights: grilled romaine salad (that smelled/tasted like a steak), topped with bleu cheese, hazelnuts and a champagne vinaigrette; chestnut ravioli with white butter (?) and truffles; pig cheek pizza with manchego cheese and squash (much better than this description); my duck entree that knocked my socks off (sliced glazed duck served atop chard, leeks, parmesan grains); and dessert.

My party knew better than to get between me and my dessert. Not since the days when Brooke Shields did her best Britney Spears impression and claimed that no one/nothing got between her and her Calvins had someone been so dedicated to not letting anything/anyone get between he and his prreessiousss. My precious for the evening was a brownie sundae topped with brandied cherries and whipped cream and served with vanilla, chocolate and DULCE DE LECHE ice cream. I couldn't speak afterward. -- not that I would know.


Jessica T.
San Francisco, CA

Outside of Mission Beach Cafe, and Spork, I think RNM may be my new stand-by "nicer" but yet still "relatively" affordable dinner restaurant.

We came here as a big group last night and every dish was overflowing with stand-out distinct flavors. Every dish was quality, fresh, and rave-worthy (though the hazelnut chocolate molten cake was unfortunately a dormant, lava free volcano).

If you arrive between 5:30 and 7:00 on Tuesday through Saturday ,and are a burger or pork-chop fan - the 28 dollar three course pre-fixe meal  is well worth taking advantage of. It includes a small plate or appetizer, a large entree, and a dessert. Bargain.

Our group was debating capitalizing on this killer deal, until we learned that our dishes for the pre-fixe meal had to stay confined to the bullet-ed dishes on the menu.

So we decided to forge our own way with our dishes throughout the night, inspired by the tantalizing descriptions on the menu.

I'm always excited to go to a restaurant with an adventurous and foodie group, because more people - with good taste -  just means that many more spectacular dishes to sample, share, and try.

And that's just what we did. We ordered an array of "on point" dishes.

We began with the french chesnut ravioli with meyer lemon beurre blanc, sautéed brussels sprout leaves and himalayan truffles. Our other appetizer was the grilled hearts of romaine with fuji apples, saint agur blue cheese, toasted hazelnuts and champagne vinaigrette. The romaine salad was fresh with crunchy hazelnuts that brought back vivid memories of just made french nutella crepes. Both were exceptional though. Especially the melt in your mouth chestnut ravioli that exploded with precise and dream-worthy flavor accents.

For my entree I had the pan roasted alaskan halibut with brown butter parsnip puree, baby artichokes, granny smith apples and fresh hearts of palm. The halibut was cooked just right and the bed of vegetables surrounding it were light and subtle - but spot on as far as taste. The brown butter parsnip puree was worth licking the plate for.

The stand-out dish for me, throughout the night, was the fiscalini macaroni and cheese side dish -  for just 5 dollars. I repeat - 5 dollars. The dish was overflowing with dreamy decadence. It wasn't even my dish - but I stole so many bites throughout the night - that it's lovely owner - moved it across the table towards me - so I could have easy  - forkful  - after forkful access.

Pants and dresses a little tighter on all of us, we still proceeded to go strong with dessert.

We could barely contain ourselves as we scanned the delightful sweets menu featuring a molten chocolate cake with vanilla bean ice cream & espresso creme anglaise, a brownie sundae with vanilla, bittersweet chocolate and dulce de leche ice cream, a bread pudding with dried toasted pecans & brandy sauce, and a light citrus pana-cotta surrounded by blood oranges.
We ordered all of the above.

The brownie sundae silenced everyone with it's layers of cold bliss  - cushioning a heavenly brownie.

The chocolate hazelnut molten cake - was by no means something I'd kick out "of plate" - but it was a little bit of letdown with it's less than moist texture.

The bread pudding was pure excellence. Thick pillows of sugary bread delight - immersed in a moat of brandy and pecan sauce. Unreal. Truly unreal.

The panna-cotta - light in flavor - but exceptional as far as consistency (panna cotta's consistency is very important) was elegant - among the vivid red of it's sauce and robust looking blood oranges.

Outside of the molten-less hazelnut chocolate cake - I couldn't have asked for a better meal. Top quality throughout the whole night - from the series of beautiful dishes placed in front of me - to the beautiful and amazing people around me at my table.



Susanna W.
Palo Alto, CA

Parking was an absolute nightmare, but thankfully, I found a spot in one of the hidden alleyways, and was able to make my reservation. Unfortunately, my table wasn't ready yet, but since my dining partner was still looking for parking, I didn't mind. The host kindly pulled out a bar stool for me, and the bartender made me feel comfortable. After asking me for my liquor/cocktail preferences, he suggested the St. Germaine, which was absolutely delicious!

JF decided to go with the DAT menu. I wasn't very hungry (guilty of snacking!), so after a bit of confusion with our waitress, I ordered the day boat scallops.

Sadly, I think the DAT menu was lacking in wow factor. First course was some sort of sardine/gem lettuce salad that had a bit too much dressing for my liking. Second course was a lobster filled pasta. I tasted a bit of this-- the pasta was a tiny bit undercooked, but they were generous with the lobster meat.

My day boat scallops were delicious. I'm glad I decided to order them and not off the DAT menu. There were 4 large, perfectly seared and juicy scallops sitting on a small hill of creamy risotto and micro greens. The microgreens and tangerine wedges provided the perfect offset to the scallops and risotto. The risotto was too rich and creamy for me, and I felt like the flavor almost overwhelmed the delicate flavor of the scallops. But most people would probably enjoy it.

For dessert JF and I shared a pear "pop tart." It was obviously freshly baked, and was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The pear tasted really good, and the surrounding pastry was buttery and flaky. It wasn't too sweet, and was a great way to end the meal.

AMBIANCE: With its soaring ceilings (RMN has a lofted second floor), noise is more readily dispersed despite the small dining area. Although there were times when I was reminded of exactly how close we were to our dining room neighbors, overall the atmosphere maintained an intimate feel that allowed for conversation to flow easily (and without distractions).

SERVICE: At times I felt a bit rushed (they cleared the plates as soon as I put my fork down), but when JF and my conversation lasted past closing, no one gave the impression of wanting to kick us out.

Overall tonight was a solid dining experience. I'd recommend RMN to friends.


Matt V.
San Francisco, CA

Perhaps it was the wonderful company or perhaps the wonderful host?
Perhaps the wonderful waitress (Ainsling), or once again my amazing host.
The wonderful food spoke for itself, and the wonderful staff complimented the toast for an evening full of the most...amazing grilled romaine salad and a chicken to roast
what a wonderful experience.


Cynthia C.  
Alameda, CA

RNM's location is sketchy, but once we stepped through the modern mesh curtains, the neighborhood outside faded away. 

Gorgeous interior.  Loved the varying shades of gray and the fresh vases of brightly colored wild flowers. 

RNM's modern & elegant twist on food was wonderful:

*Fabulous grilled hearts of romaine salad.
*Lobster & marscarpone ravioli were creamy & succulant.
*LOVED LOVED the pulled pork tostadas, HUGE chunks of caramelized pork w/creme fraiche & micro cilantro.  YUM!!!
*Succulant chicken breast stuffed w/fromage blanc, Israeli cous cous is always a welcome sight for me.
*Strawberry ricotta crepes w/fresh cream were good
*BUT the Bread Pudding kicked it to the curb!!!  Lots of brandy, not too many raisins, fresh custard, toasted pecans, and CRUSTY corners.  BEST EVER.

DAT menu was so so, salad, salmon & bing cherry somethin'.  Wasn't interested.  Early birds get to feast on their $28 prix fixe anyways.  Gf did the prix fixe.  I opted for my own selections.  I would come back again & recommend to all.


Mary V.
San Francisco, CA
we love RNM. and robert is great. he always fits us in even if we drop in last minute. i like their wine list (miner sauv - awesome!!) and the food's fairly good. we've had some group dinners/parties in the upstairs area, and it was great - they even hid my bf's cake down in the kitchen, then sliced and brought it up for us (with a $2 cake fee per person, of course). the menu is well designed and pretty seasonal, but i've had a few off dishes, and the desserts aren't wonderful. the lamb riblets are delish but disappeared from the menu. the scallops are pretty good and whatever fish they're serving is often good. it's a great neighborhood spot, but i don't think we've ever gotten out of here for under $200.


Vince F.
San Francisco, CA
I had the opportunity to eat @ RNM last night (8/16/08).
What a pleasant surprise in discovering one of San Francisco's BEST dining spots. It truly was the most delicious meal I've eaten so far here in this city. The service was great, my appetizer of BBQ Pork on a Corn Fritter was SUPERB, but the entree was the winner. I ordered the Bison Ribeye, sliced over Potato Gratin with a Baked Heirloom Tomato. Words cannot describe how incredibly tasty and well prepared this meal was.
Not only will I recommend this place, I will bring all my out-of-town friends here, again & again. This restaurant blows all the other pretentious dining spots out of the water. If I could give this restaurant 8 Stars, I would. Everything about this place is polished from the food, to the waiting staff, right down to the Matre'd @ the door. Congratulations on pulling off the BEST PRESENTATION of any RESTAURANT in SAN FRANCISCO! ******** ( 8 Stars!!!) BRavo to the chef and staff!