Morality In Teaching Children

Morality is one word that carries so much weight in our lives from the day we first see light until the day we turn back into ashes.  Morality is one word that comes along with a great deal of responsibility which includes teaching children what is right and what is not even before they start preschool.  Morality is again one word that brings forth a sense of obligation towards mankind during any decision making process, whether it is as light as a white lie or as grave as a mortal sin.

Yes, it is indeed amazing how one word can mean so much. It is remarkable how one simple word gets involved in almost everything that we do in our day to day lives.  When you watch the news today, regardless if it’s local news or international, you’d be disappointed to see how evil has spread throughout mankind.  Crime rates are going up everywhere, stealing has become a way of life, lying has become socially accepted etc.  The list just goes on and on and on.  It makes one wonder, where did all this evil come from? What has become of morality? Is this what they are teaching children in preschool now?

I personally believe that who we are right now is an echo of the values instilled to us during our childhood.  It all goes back to what we were taught, how we were brought up and how we adapted and reacted to it.  What we are right now is a reflection of the core of our childhood.  This is why even before preschool starts, we are already teaching children about moral lessons, good ethics and proper morality in accordance to what is good and what is bad.

Let us imagine ourselves as something like that of a sponge.  When we are born, we are empty just as a sponge is dry.  Like a sponge that absorbs anything liquid in form, we too absorb morals and values as we go through life and this includes being taught what is right and what is wrong.  If you were taught well, then you have an edge.

As we grow older, those morals and values that we have absorbed would eventually be “squeezed out” from us from time to time, just as how a sponge expels that which it has absorbed.  This is why it is crucial that at an early age, we lay a strong foundation of morality for our youth.   Whether our children will be the next Mother Teresa or Hitler depends on how we will be molding them.